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Your service partner focused on improving and growing your business not theirs, where actions with measurable outcomes were more important than circular debate.

Who we are

CKI is a privately held, Australian-owned professional services company with global reach. With our head office located in Melbourne, Australia, where the company was incorporated over a decade ago. Our business interests are diverse and our achievements many, resulting in year on year growth over the past decade. All because our customers dared to
Imagine if …


With over 20 years of experience in Corporate Governance, Project Management, People Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Growth, Jim Ilievski has garnered a reputation for being an energetic and innovative professional leader.

With a career spanning several decades and across several respected companies – including IBM, Coles, Energy Australia, Fosters Group, Goldman Sachs JBWere, CGU Insurance, SP Ausnet, Red Cross and Leonardo Australia – Jim has amassed a wealth of experience covering a myriad of industry sectors from FMCG, Finance, Technology, Retail, Utilities, Insurance and Defence.

Having established two businesses by the age of 21, while simultaneously balancing a semi-professional football career, Jim has been able to progressively develop skill sets that match technical ability with entrepreneurial acumen and tenacity. In 2008 Jim utilised this experience to both publishing a book (Inspirational Quotes, 2008) and found CKI Group. In the short time since he has showcased his penchant for creative and imaginative solutions, industriously growing CKI from two staff members and one client to today’s 250+ team of professionals. CKI now manages over 100 customer portfolios across National and International locations, with the Head Office in Melbourne Australia and international offices in Auckland and New York.

Through his current roles as CEO of CKI Group and Chairman of the Board at CKI Industrial Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning Business, Jim has fostered a strong team spirit within his company and attributes the success of CKI to the hardworking and talented team members around him. Jim’s warm and genuine approach to doing business, coupled with his ability to communicate powerfully across all levels of an organisation, has earned him the reputation of being a leader who inspires confidence while building ownership, openness and a results-driven culture.

Ultimately, Jim’s extensive experience has given him a keen understanding of what makes a company thrive: strong communication within a constantly evolving and improving team in an ever-changing business landscape. Within CKI he has laid the foundation to provide truly excellent client service, instilling a company culture that is driven by delivering results and upholding client relationships. To this day CKI has retained their very first client from over 10 years ago, with Jim continuing to give the same level of care and attention to all clients, new and old.

Our Team

The CKI family is an experienced team of professionals who work hard every day to make a difference in customers pursuing their vision and their business outcomes.

We exist to help you Imagine if …

  • Your service partner focused on improving and growing your business not their own, where actions with measurable outcomes were more important than circular debate.
  • Your ICT partner treated your business as part of the solution instead of part of the problem. A partner who makes technology a key enabler and is an extension of your business.
  • Your business was your top priority and you could focus on running your business, not managing a poor service provider.
  • The digital world was not so scary and digital transformation meant a change for the better.
  • Your service partner was as passionate as you about maximising the value of your people.
  • You were spoilt for choice when finding talent for your business.
  • You could absolutely trust your service partner to professionally manage your contractors and employees.

Passion for Customer


Commitment to excellence and people


Individual respect and responsibility

Our Culture

CKI understands the importance of open communication, with each other and with our customers.

We build rapport and trust as we deliver on our commitments. We can be relied upon to do what we say we can do and what we promise to do.

Our flexible working arrangements recognise the value our customers place in our people being available when their business depends on it, not when it’s convenient for us.

We are commercially focussed, but value driven.  Success is shared and celebrated with our customers and it’s what drives us to be better today than we were yesterday.

Are you ready to Imagine if …



Level 3, 480 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC Australia 3000


Level 4, 80 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD Australia 4000

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111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164

New Zealand

Level 10, 21 Queen Street
Auckland New Zealand 1010

New York

3rd & 4th Floor 57 West 57th Street
Manhattan NY 10019 USA

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