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HR Management & Operations

CKI provides tailored HR from embedded HR capability for small to medium sized business to outsourced operational and strategic HR business partnering. Companies are using CKI outsourced HR services to provide support with recruitment, workplace relations, employee separations, advisory support and more. Companies that use CKI outsourced HR services typically have basic in-house HR administration capability but seek expert advisory support for more complex HR matters that arise from time to time.


360-Degree Assessments

(Leadership Circle Profile™ and Human Synergistics Suite of Assessments)

Through a strategic partnership with a renowned Master Coach CKI provides ready access to a number of 360-degree assessment tools including the Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Human Synergistics suite of assessments. These assessments provide an individual or group with focused feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing patterns of strength and limitations.  They help provide an understanding of the relationship between how people think, how they behave and, more importantly, how this impacts their current level of effectiveness.

Assessments are followed up with focussed debrief conversations with a Master Coach aimed at understanding just one thing: How do you make sense of the world? These conversations are powerful and transformational and allow a leader to gain perspective on and what remains beyond their field of vision, then set an action plan for ongoing development.

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CKI Master Coaches help people understand how they make sense of things and provide an environment for developing the adaptive skills needed for leading in complex times.

Coaching is conducted face-to-face, by phone or over Zoom and is customised to meet individual needs with most engagements involving:

  • A 360-degree assessment profile
  • Individual coaching sessions held once or twice per month for 6-9 months
  • Follow up contact between sessions.

The people who benefit most from our coaching are C-suite executives, leaders and managers, particularly those interested in: leadership development, change management, personal development, performance improvement, team performance, organisational change, strategic planning, implementation of strategic plans, career development, stakeholder management and interpersonal skills.


Cohort/Group Coaching

CKI’s Lead Master Coach has researched, designed and delivered a ground-breaking coaching methodology, Cohort Coaching™. This goes far beyond what is achievable by individual coaching alone by not only supporting an individual’s mastery of leadership skills but providing a way for groups to increase their collective intelligence. This is where the competitive advantage lies. With its deep exploration of real work experiences, Cohort Coaching™ brings about the sort of learning that builds the capacity to lead within the complex human behaviour and organisational environment.

The benefits of Cohort Coaching ™ include:

  • Increases a leader’s self-awareness and understanding of the impact their behaviour has on others.
  • Enables the continuous development of the leadership skills necessary to build a positive climate and culture.
  • Develops leaders to effectively influence, motivate and inspire.

The target audience for Cohort Coaching ™ includes C-suite executives, managers, teams and those tasked with creating a vision and/or execution of organisational strategies.


Learning and Leadership Development

CKI boasts a significant library of course content and leadership games and activities for both off-the-shelf or customised program delivery. Specific areas of expertise and capability are:

  • Creating High Performing Teams
  • Dealing with Difficult Issues
  • Deliver Powerful Presentations
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Fair Treatment in the Workplace
  • Improve your Time Mastery
  • Increase your Sales Success
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Manage Stress Effectively
  • Mentoring
  • Negotiate to Win/Win Outcomes
  • The Blast Game!
  • DISC Instruments
  • Electric Maze
  • Gravity Stick

CKI also has vast experience in working with organisations of all sizes to design and deliver course content across all media, including face to face, self-paced, online and a blend. CKI has an extensive network of consultants and contractors experienced in this area.


Coach Development

CKI’s Lead Master Coach works with both leaders and anyone interested in pursuing a coaching career, to develop their capacity to bring out the best in others in complex and difficult situations. This program helps participants to identify new ways of seeing organisational issues, and take effective action by:

  • Increasing capacity for insightful and innovative options for their organisation.
  • Gaining insight in to what makes people stressed, why it makes them stressed, and what to do about it.
  • Attaining a more nuanced way of working with and leading people.

Coach Development programs are delivered using Cohort Coaching™ and involve:

  • A Leadership Circle 360-degree online assessment.
  • Compelling debrief conversations.
  • Individual coaching sessions.
  • Cohort sessions.

Strategic Facilitation

CKI helps senior teams move forward with intention by designing and facilitating transformative experiences at team off-sites, multi-stakeholder events and strategy sessions.

Strategic facilitation sessions can be used to build the appetite and capacity for innovation and change within an organisation. By increasing clarity, direction and intention via a strategic facilitated session senior teams can get unstuck or move to the next level of effectiveness and achievement.

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